James E. Weaver | Pianist, Piano Instructor, Music Director | Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Johns Hopkins Middle School, Bringe School of Music

Backed by more than 20 years in the music education field, James E. Weaver has wielded his expertise as a pianist and teacher across numerous institutions for students spanning preschool aged and adults. A piano instructor at Bringe School of Music since 2001, he excelled as a Lifelong Learning Class piano instructor at Saint Petersburg College for a dozen years before assuming his role as an adjunct piano instructor at John Hopkins Middle School, where he’s been since 2015. He has also been teaching at Creative Keys Music School in 2022 and at Infinite Potential Learning Academy since 2023.

In addition, Mr. Weaver has long found success composing his own music, including “Three Serene Pieces for a Contemplative Heart”; studying as a composer-in-residence at Galaxy Center for the Arts for several years, he has worked as a piano accompanist for two decades and serves as music director through his own business, James Weaver Piano Education and Accompaniment. He also founded Act One Arts Initiative, a nonprofit that aims to help bolster artistic talents, and has been lending his piano-playing skills to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church since 2000.

In his formative years, Mr. Weaver studied piano under his original instructor, Rosemary Bossom, who served as a mentor to him over the years. By the time he was 16 years old, he would teach her other students whenever she was unavailable. While pursuing his Associate of Arts in music and education at St. Petersburg College, he continued to teach students—honing his methods for helping them to learn how to read music and practice efficiently. In the midst of his career, he attained a Bachelor of Arts in human development, with a focus on psychology and education, from Eckerd College in 2016. Looking ahead, he aspires to continue his education by earning a master’s degree in either social work or clinical counseling, with an eye toward entrepreneurship.

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